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Creative Reports Utilizing Infographics 






Visual Representation of the many accomplishments of your Volunteer Department can be a great way to showcase all of the wonderful work your department is doing for your organization without writing a lengthy report. By using an infographic you can convey large amounts of information in a short amount of time! There are many free infographic website tools available. Examples (above) are from Inova Loudoun Hospital and from the Novant Health Auxiliary.

Thank a Volunteer




 Volunteer Recognition Program to Debut – October of 2016

“TAV” – Thank A Volunteer

Always looking for ways to recognize and promote volunteering, NHUVA has furnished volunteers with a simple card insert to recognize years of service. It is worn in conjunction with each volunteer’s ID Badge. TAV – Thank a Volunteer – is a local adaptation which springboards from practices of other volunteer locales in Ohio and Kentucky.  While awards pins are awarded incrementally for hours and years of service, TAV will state each volunteer’s tenure as a volunteer, from 1 to 50 years and up.  It consists of a simple card designed to be worn under the ID Badge with the number of years in service showing just beneath the badge.  Volunteers are proud to wear and staff has been amazing in Thanking volunteers for the number of years!   Adapt and make it your own!  That’s what we did.





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